Saturday, 22 July 2006

Sagittarius women and men sexual horoscope

Sagittarius women: You like the outdoors - freaking out if you are tent, camper or on the beach. You enjoy sex, but you don't like to prolong the preliminaries and want to start the main show as soon possible. Like to tease your partner to the point of losing control. You don't mind if your man comes too quickly - you are a generous and accepting lover. Best sex mates: Leo, Libra and Aquarius. Your sexual wardrobe will consist of accessories - gloves and shoes!

Sagittarius men: Sex is an intense experience with him - he seldom comes too quickly and he'll be the first to try a new position. He is the master of erotic massage - both oral and manual. His tongue can be a wicked instrument and when combined with his lips, creates an explosive affect! Erogenous zones: hips and thighs. And he likes to look at a woman's calves and thighs and likes to have sex with a woman in stockings.

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