Thursday, 22 June 2006

Capricorn Men

A man in this Zodiac will has a pair of round big beautiful eyes, a
nice structure jaw line. He is a good listener and can understand
everything easily and clearly. He can guess what you will say before
you even say it. He often shakes his head or touch his hair. He is a
big built, but he will tend to have a small ear. He tends to have a
darker shade of hair and eyes' color. He will likely have a short and
strong neck, broad shoulder, muscular, strong hands and grips. He has
a shorter fingers compare to the man of the same size and same height
in the other zodiac. His hands can work well at the same time can
protect and care for his woman.

His height will be proportional to his weight. He will walk firmly
and always take a big long step. As he walks he will look around in
caution with no disturbance from his problems at present or in the
past. He likes to watch things built with fascinate and wonder about
how it is done, so you could see him watching a construction site and
not get bored.

He is a good dancer. He is a careful person in instinct, so even at
dance floor, he will already have to know what in front or behind him
before he will take any steps.

Green is his favorite color. You will mostly see him wear green,
navy, blue, or brown. In all 12 Zodiacs, he is the one who can get
the most satisfaction from possession of beautiful thing, and cherish
it as if it is very valuable to him even it is just a crystal ball
made in France.

It is his luck that he hardly has to chase after woman. They always
come themselves without his invitation. He likes to treat his guest
in his house than visiting his guest at their house. He does not like
to be a center of attention, so if you need his help, you have to
look up for him. He lives his life in stability and simplicity. Every
decision made are already "Sure" and carefully thought out. He will
not do what he has been asked to do if he is not interested in doing
it. He acts casually but in reality, he always doing things

He loves peaceful and quiet environment so in his free time, he will
stay at home instead of going out and look for adventure. He loves
nature and dreams of a nice and quiet house with lots of trees, or he
may dream of a house in a beautiful countryside.

He will let you have freedoms and watching you in a distance. If you
are over doing something, he will let you know by his icy cold look.
He is the perfect lover in all the Zodiac for nothing he will not do
for his love one. He won't allow people to laugh at him or think he
is a joker, so he will spent for himself luxury for what it is worth.

He likes neat and well dressed woman, so do not be a slop if you are
dating this guy. If you do that he will loose his face. He is the
romantic type who would dance with you under the moon light.

Love will make him shines and you will see it in his face. He will
not say it out loud, you have to know it yourself.

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