Thursday, 22 June 2006

Leo Man

He likes to comb his hair backward, open his forehead showing a
dignify facial __ex-pression. His eyes is sparkle, but slightly
showing laziness. He walks firmly and slowly like a lion, confident
and ego proud. Outside, you may think he is kind and gentle person,
but inside he is a strong and secure person. If he is frighten, he
will re-act and respond right away. His words always seem normal but
mostly imply "order and demanding". He will not talk fast, or can not
talk fast, neither walk fast. In a crowd or at work he will act
normally, but not for long you will see him standing out of the crowd
and be a center of attention with his words, or his action.

You might think he is a shy guy, but deep down inside he wants to
power over his family and his friends. He just waits for that right
moment. Do not take what is his, and do not order him, or else you
will see a fierce lion. He respects elderly and senior, but will
never bow down and accept like a looser for he will rather die than
loose his dignity.

He talks bluntly even on an occasion that he should not say such
thing. He is a compassionate guy and always look at other people on a
bright side. He likes people to listen to him. Even he has such a
blunt and bold personality, he could easily reach his goal without
making any enemy.

Once disagree with him on something, he can be very up set like a
rainy storm on a summer day. It will only last a short time, then he
will be back a cheery merry person again. He is a bright and witty
guy, and he will not put any efforts on something that he thinks it
will not work and waste his energy. He is a good planner and can well
manage his job assigned. When he gives order, he expect them to be
carry out exactly. He is the leader type that the followers love.

He can give other people advice and solve problems for other people
well, except his own mess. He can be easily hurt by other people
especially if you do not trust or respect his ability. You could
compliment him sometimes and make this lion be your kitty with no
difficulty. He is not a good judge for he listen to many people and
tend to belief all sides.

You can hardly see a Leo man with no woman by his side. If you see
him alone, he could already have a love one in his heart, or just
broken up with one. Because he is very proud, he can change many girl
friends. He will do many things for the woman he loves, but loosing
his face is not one of them. Leo man can not live without love ,
because for him Love is a ray of Light.

He likes people to rely on him, it's make him feels "in power". He
may complaint if he is asked for favor, but deep inside he is happy
that you asked him. If you offer to help him , he will refuse you
right away.

When he is broke , he can find money still. He is not careful with
his way of spending for he has fun with spending money and happy to
buy what he likes. He lets other people borrow money from him easily
even if he has no money, he will run to his friend to borrow money
for you. He likes first class , first quality of everything.

He can work hard like a mad dog, and sometimes can be lazy like a
lazy sleepy cat. When he works, he is very serious. When he parties,
he can be a party animal. If he ask you out, you will sure have a fun
and jolly time.

He will take chance with his love life, so if you know how to handle
him, you will win. If he is your love one, it won't be a romance
novel. You have to be ready to calm him down when he over reacts to
small matters because your cool stability will control and ease his
mood. If you can not handle or understand him, your relationship will
be like a demolition zone, a on and off relationship till all your
friends tired to hear about your breaking up and making up.

Beauty is always in the eyes of the lion. You have to be dignify to
walk with the lion king. Your looks is part of his image and ego and
he is very proud about it too. If you want his attention the first
time you meet, you better be astounding attractive. If you have a
first conversation with him, you have to show him how much you adore
his thinking. He likes to talk and not knowing that he likes to talk
about himself.

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